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The below are locations from many Lee Van Cleef westerns that I have been recently visited and documented (before and after).  The majority of these locations are in Spain, with a few in the United States.  Also included are locations from Once Upon a Time in the West for interested Spaghetti Western genre fans. 


The below links currently link directly to the blog.  New locations to come in 2018!


Tabernas - For a Few Dollars More Credits
Torre de los Alumbres - Indio's Hideout Exterior
Tabernas - Town of El Paso
Tabernas - The Bank of El Paso
Tabernas - Mortimer's Hotel
Tabernas - Monco and Mortimer Meet
Tabernas - Las Palmeras
Tabernas - The Tavern
Cortijo Del Fraile - Indio's Camp
Los Albaricoques - Road to Agua Caliente
Los Albaricoques - Town of Agua Caliente
Cabo de Gata - Agua Caliente Cart Shooting
Los Albaricoques - Duel Ring
Return to Agua Caliente

Tabernas - Tuco Searches for Blondie
Cortijo Del Fraile - Ramirez Mission
La Calahorra - Train Station
Sad Hill - Entrance to the Cemetery
Sad Hill - The Ecstasy of Gold
Sad Hill - The Trio
Return to Sad Hill

La Calahorra - Train Station
La Calahorra - Town of Flagstone
Monument Valley - The Arch

Manzanares el Real - Widow's Land
Pechina - The Big Knifedown
Pechina - The Big Gundown
Nijar - Finale Ride Off

Tabernas - Bowie Saloon
Los Albaricoques - Town of Bowie
Cortijo Sotillo - Farrow Farm
Cortijo Sotillo - Farrow Farm Ring
Nijar - Horse Duel

Tabernas - Money Hide

Castillo de San Felipe - The Prison
Tabernas - "Revenge is a Dish..."
Tabernas - Town of El Viento
Cortijo Sotillo - El Viento Interior
Tabernas - Finale

Tabernas - The Double Cross

Nijar - El Condor Bar
Rodalquilar - Jaroo's Mine
Rodalquilar - Jaroo's Mine Attack
Tabernas - Apache Fight
Tabernas - Gate to El Condor
Los Albaricoques - Town of Morales

Brush Hollow Reservoir

Vasquez Rocks - Mexican Border

Tabernas - Parting of Ways