1973 - 102 minutes - Action

Lee Van Cleef..............................Frankie Diomede
Tony Lo Bianco....................................Tony Freda

Michele Lupo

America: two rival gangs are bent upon destroying each other in an attempt to gain control of the market. A limousine is crashed by a crane, another explodes, a gang leader is found with a hole drilled through his head with an electric drill. The police organize repressive action, while a meeting takes place between the right-hand man of Frankie Diomede and the trustee of Annunziata (the two family chiefs). Meanwhile, in Italy, a small-time gangster, Tony Freda is waiting for the arrival of his "god" Frankie, with whom he becomes involved in a series of misadventures.

After being sent to prison, Frankie is saved by Tony, but is hounded by Annunziata's men. Tony helps him through critical situations, often employing disguises. Tony succeeds in becoming friends with Annunziata's right-hand man, and together with Frankie he hurries to Marseilles. On the run from the police in a truck, the two careen off the road and into a ravine. They survive, however, and eventually reach the factory-fortress where they find their chief, by shutting him up in a refrigerator. His revenge taken, Frankie gets into a fishing boat for Tangiers, advising Tony not to come with him. Tony returns to his local bar, where everyone is talking about the extraordinary adventures of Frankie and his unidentified right hand man. In order to let off stearm, since he cannot open his mouth, Tony takes a shot at billiards, is to violent, and only succeeds in ripping the green beize of the table.

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