1966 - 185 minutes - Western

Clint Eastwood......................Blondie - The Good

Lee Van Cleef.....................Angel Eyes- The Bad
Eli Wallach.................................Tuco - The Ugly

Sergio Leone

During the Civil War a mysterious stranger (Blondie) enters into a macabre partnership with a Mexican bandit named Tuco.  Because Tuco has a price on his head, Blondie turns him in for the bounty money, then rescues him from a hanging at the last possible moment by cutting the rope around Tuco's neck with a rifle bullet!  They play this deadly game throughout the American Southwest, splitting the reward money.

Meanwhile, a sadistic criminal name Setenza (Angel Eyes) is playing for bigger stakes; a hidden cashbox containing $200,000,  Blondie discovers the exact location of the box from a dying Bill Carson, just as Tuco is about to kill him.  He trades this information with Tuco for his life.  Blondie and Tuco dress in Confederate Army uniforms in order to cross their lines and reach the cemetery where the money is buried.  However they are captured by Union forces and ironically brought before Angel Eyes, now a Union Sergeant.  Angel Eyes tortures until the bandit reveals the hiding place, then cuts himself in on the deal.  Together the three form an uneasy alliance and set out on the impossible journey to the cemetery, crossing both lines in the war-torn land.

When they eventually reach the cemetery, still alive, they finally fall out among themselves and one final fight is waged among the tombstones.  Blondie kills Angel Eyes and splits the cashbox with Tuco in the same way their relationship began; Tuco on the end of a rope.

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