1965 - 130 minutes - Spaghetti Western

Clint Eastwood......................Man With No Name

Lee Van Cleef...........................Colonel Mortimer
Gian Maria Volonte......................................Indio

Sergio Leone

In the Southwest, shortly after the Civil War, two bounty hunters find themselves on the track of the same criminal.  Both men, a steely-eyes young man called the Stranger (Man with No Name) and his older peer, a former Confederate officer known as Colonel Mortimer, decide to band together and hunt their quarry, agreeing to split the reward.

The quarry is a bandit named Indio, a vicious bank robber who has been convicted of killing Mortimer's sister.  They track down Indio, and the Stranger gains his confidence by helping one of his gang members escape from jail, and action that results in him becoming one of Indio's gang.  Along with three other men, the Stranger is assigned the job of creating a distraction large enough to enable Indio and his other conspirators to rob the bank in El Paso.

One alone with his "partners", the Stranger kills them all, but he cannot move quickly enough to prevent the robbery in El Paso from taking place.  While the Colonel waits for the Stranger to lead Indio into a planned ambush, the Stranger talks Indio into traveling in a direction opposite from that he and the Colonel agreed upon.  The Stranger's plan to enact a double-cross at the Colonel's expense is prevented when the Colonel, not a man to be taken lightly, suspects the deception and confronts the Stranger when he arrives at his destination.  The two me decide to rejoin forces and continue with the plan to collect the bounty money.

The Colonel opens the safe stolen from El Paso with the use of acid.  Indio decides to sit on the money for the time until the heat cools down.  The Stranger and the Colonel decide to steal the money from Indio, but are captured after hiding the gold.  When torture fails to make them reveal the hidden money, Indio pretends to release them, only to have them followed.  A violent battle follows, during which the Stranger and Colonel kill all the band members.  The climax comes when the Colonel confronts Indio and kills him in revenge of his sister's death.  Satisfied with vengeance, the Colonel allows the Stranger to keep the reward money.  The Stranger quickly agrees and leaves town with a wagon load of bodies and the money from the bank robbery.

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