White Lightning

1953 - 61 minutes

Mike Connors - Stanley Clements (Stanislaw Klimowicz)
Jack Monohan - Steve Brodie (John Stevens)
Ann Garfield - Gloria Blondell
Margaret Monohan - Barbara Bestar
Rocky Gibraltor - Lyle Talbot (Lisle Henderson)
Benny Brown - Frank Jenks
Stew Barton - Paul Bryar (Gabriel Barrere)
Brutus Allen (LEE VAN CLEEF)
Nelson - Myron Healey
Horwin - Riley Hill


Edward Bernds


Due to a long losing streak, the Red Devils, a professional hockey team owned by Jack Monohan (Steve Brodie), is in debt to a crooked investment syndicate operated by Rocky Gibraltor (Lyle Talbot), Benny Brown (Frank Jenks) and Brutus, Allen (Lee Van Cleef). But when cocky, Mike Connors (Stanley Clements), boyhood friend of Jack's, joins the team, the Red Devils start to win games, much to the delight of Ann Garfield (Gloria Blondell), Jack's fiancee and team secretary, and Stew Barton (Paul Byar) team trainer. The three-man syndicate is not so happy, for their gamling losses mount. Margaret Monohan (Barbara Bestar), Jack's sister, is in love with her childhood sweetheart, Mike, who by now is so cocky that he is disliked by all his teammates. Jack warns Mike to stay away from Margaret and this leads to a bloody fight between the two men. The syndicate offers Mike a heavy bribe to throw the big final game and he agrees. During the game the appeal of a small boy, Davey (Duncan Richardson), sets Mike straight and in the second period he does everything he can to help his teammates. They win the game. His reward is Margaret.