Vice Squad

1953 - 87 minutes

Captain Barnaby - Edward G. Robinson (Emanuel Goldenberg)
Mona Ross - Paulette Goddard (Pauline Marion Levy)
Al Barkis - Edward Binns
Jack Hartrampf - Porter Hall
Marty Kusalich - Adam Williams
Pete Monty - LEE VAN CLEEF
Frankie - Jay Adler
Carol Lawson - Mary Ellen Kay
Lt. Imlay - Dan Riss
Ginny - K. T. Stevens (Gloria Wood)
Vickie Webb - Joan Vohs (Elinor Joan Vohs)


Arnold Levin


Attempting to steal a car for a bank robbery, two hoods, Al Barkis (Ed Binns) and Pete Monty (LEE VAN CLEEF), are intercepted in the darkened parking lot by a cop. Barken shoots and kills the policeman but Jack Hartrampf, who had been visiting a girl in Room 17 at the nearby hotel, stumbles onto the scene just in time to witness the crime. He is picked up by the police, but refuses to give evidence for fear of implicating the girl and damaging his reputation.

Taking personal charge of the case, Captain Barnaby (Edward G. Robinson), holds Hartrampf in custody, hoping that he will eventually identify the killers. He also enlists the help of Mona (Paulette Goddard), who runs an escort service and has an extraordinary wide range of underworld connections. She gives him a lead on a man named Marty Kusalich (Adam Williams). Barnaby learns that Barker is planning a bank heist, and the gang arrives at the bank to find the police waiting for them. Barker and Pete, however, escape again, using a young girl teller as a shield.

Meanwhile, under Barnaby's pressure, Hartrampf wrongly identifies Kusalich as one of the killers. Proclaiming his innocence he reveals Barker's hideout to the police and Barnaby and the squad surround the place, rescuing the teller after killing Barkis and capturing Pete.