The Untamed Frontier

1953 - 83 minutes

Kirk Denbow - Joseph Cotten
Jane Stevens - Shelley Winters (Shirley Schrift)
Glenn Denbow - Scott Brady (Gerard Kenneth Tierney)
Lottie - Suzan Ball (Susan Ball)
Matt Denbow - Minor Watson
Camilla Denbow - Katherine Emery
Bandits - Jose Torvay, Antonio Moreno (Antonio Garride Monteagudo)
Clayton Vance - Douglas Spencer (William Henry Mesenkop)
Max Wickersham - John Alexander
Dave Chittum - LEE VAN CLEEF
Charlie Fentress - Richard Garland
Ezra McCloud - Robert Anderson
Clem McCloud - Fess Parker
Sheriff Brogan - Ray Bennett


Hugo Fregonese


Matt Denbow (Minor Watson) refuses to lett settlers cross his land to homestead. His son Glenn (Scott Brady) kills the partner of Jane (Shelley Winters), a waitress in town, and marries her to keep her from testifying against him. Finding out why Glenn married her she has nothing to do with him and falls for his brother Kirk (Jospeh Cotten). Glenn is balckmailed by Dave Chittun (LVC) into stealing his father's cattle and is killed in the process. At the same time old man Denbow is killed during a run-in with more settlers. Kirk and Jane marry and allow the pioneers to pass through Denbow property and settle