1953 - 79 minutes

Jim Harvey - Audie Murphy
Laura Saunders - Lori Nelson (Dixie Kay Nelson)
Sheriff Mucrchoree - Chill Wills
Nicky Buckley - Roy Roberts
Lam Blandon - Russell Johnson
Louella Buckley - K. T. Stevens (Gloria Wood)
Sarah Blandon - Madge Meredith
Ted - I. Stanfor Jolley (Isaac Stanford Jolley)
Seth Blandon - Ross Elliott
Aguila - Ralph Moody
Tigre - Eugene Iglesias
Weber - Phil Chambers (Horace Chambers)
Mack - Lyle Talbot


Nathan Juran


Jim Harvey (Audie Murphy) hires on to lead a wagon train west to Borax. Along the way they are attacked by Indians. Knowing the chief Aguila (Ralph Moody) and having once saved his son's life, Harvey leaves the train to negotiate. He is captured by the Indians and held prisoner while the wagon train is massacred except for two sisters. Harvey manages to escape from the Indians and makes it to Borax. Here he is accused of deserting the wagon train and a lynch mob is lead by deputy Marv (Lee Van Cleef). Again Harvey escapes but is chased by Sheriff Murchoree (Chill Wills) and a posse. He is captured again but saves Marv's life during another Indian attack. Aguila is mortally wounded and captured. He confesses that Lam Blandon (Russell Johnson) planned the attack on the wagon train in order to get the settlers land after their deaths. When Lam arrives Marv prevents him from killing Harvey