High Noon
1952 - 85 minutes - Western

Will Kane - Gary Cooper (Frank James Cooper)
Jonas Henderson - Thomas Mitchell
Harvey Pell - Lloyd Bridges (Lloyd Vernet Bridges, Jr.)
Helen Ramirez - Katy Jurado (Maria Christina Jurado Garcia)
Amy Kane - Grace Kelly
Percy Mettrick - Otto Kruger
Martin Howe - Lon Chaney Jr. (Creighton Tull Chaney)
William Fuller - Henry Morgan (Harry Bratsburg)
Frank Miller - Ian MacDonald
Mildered Fuller - Eve McVeagh
Cooper - Harry Shannon
Jack Colby - Lee Van Cleef
James Pierce - Bob Wilke
Ben Miller - Sheb Wooley (Shelby F. Wooley)
Sam - Tom London (Leonard Clapham)

Fred Zinnemann

On his wedding day ex-marshall Will Kane prepares to leave town with his new bride, Amy, a Quaker girl. He hears word that an outlaw, Frank Miller, he was responsible for sending to prison has been released and is coming to seek vengeance on Kane. The ex-marshall's sense of duty compels him to stay and face Miller and his three gang members. The town turns their backs on Kane and he is forced to face the quartet alone.

Originally offered the Lloyd Bridges role if he would have his nose fixed. Lee turned it down (can you imagine what his fate in films may have been if he had done it?) LVC had no dialogue for this film. He is the first person we see on screen.


Academy Awards for Best Actor (Gary Cooper), Best Editing (Elmo Williams, Harry Gerstad), Best Score (Dimitri Tiomkin), Best Song (Dimnitri Tiomkin, Ned Washington)
Nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay