The Nebraskan

1953 - 68 minutes

Wade Harper - Phil Carey (Eugene Carey)
Paris - Roberta Haynes
Mac McBride - Wallace Ford (Samuel Jones Grundy)
Ace Elliott - Richard Webb
Private Reno Benton - LEE VAN CLEEF
Wingfoot - Maurice Jara
Colonel Markham - Regis Toomey (John Regis Toomey)
Spotted Bear - Jay Silverheels (Harold J. Smith)
Yellow Knife - Pat Hogan
Sergeant Phillips - Boyd Morgan
Captain DeWitt - Dennis Weaver (Billy Dennis Weaver)


Fred F. Sears


A civilian army scout Wade Harper (Phil Carey) and a squadron of soldiers are pinned down by Sioux Indians after the murder of their chief Thundercloud. Suspected of the deed is Harpers Indian scout Wingfoot (Muairce Jara). A mutiny is threatened from within the ranks by a deserter Reno (Lee Van Cleef). Eventually Harper his girlfriend Paris (Roberta Haynes) and 3 others make peace with Chief Spotted Bear (Jay Silverheels) and a war is averted.


Also Known as:

Le ftontiere dei Sioux - Italian title
Bis zur letsten kugel - German title