The Lawless Breed

1953 - 83 minutes

John Wesley Hardin - Rock Hudson (Roy Harold Schere, Jr.)
Rosie - Julie Adams (Betty May Adams)
Jane Brown - Mary Castle
J.C. Hardin/John Clements - John McIntire
Ike Hanley - Hugh O'Brian (Hugh Charles Krampe)
Jim Clements - Dennis Weaver - Billy Dennis Weaver)
Zeke Jenkins - Forrest Lewis
Dirk Hanley - LEE VAN CLEEF
Chick Noonan - Tom Fadden
Young John Hardin - Race Gentry
Joe Clements - Richard Garland
Ben Hanley - Glenn Strange
Joe Hardin - William Pullen
Wild Bill Hickok - Robert Anderson
Gus Hanley - Michael Ansara (Michael Andsara)


Raoul Walsh


After his pardon, for a 25 year jail sentence, notorious gunfighter John Wesley Harding (Rock Hunter) leaves a manuscript with a publisher in hopes that will explain how he was driven to a life of crime and murder. Hardin had been accused of cheating in a game of cards and had to kill Gus Hanley (Michael Ansara) and several soldiers. Before he can prove this was self-defense he is pursued by lawmen and must kill again and again. He is finally captured by Texas Rangers and sentenced to 25 years in prison. After his release he returns home just in time to prevent his son from taking the same road.

Also Known as:

Il diario di un condannato - Italian title
La ley del mas fuerte - Spanish title
Gefahrliches Blut - German title
The Lawqless Breed - USA title