1952 - 85 minutes - Western

Joe Rolfe - John Payne
Helen Foster - Coleen Gray (Doris Jensen)
Timothy Foster - Preston Foster
Boyd Kane - Neville Brand
Tony Romano - Lee Van Cleef
Pete Harris - Jack Elam
Teresa - Dona Drake
Tomaso - Mario Siletti
Scott Andrews - Howard Negley

Phil Karlson


A retired Kansas City police captain Timothy Foster, is embittered by his meager pension. He blackmails three felons, Boyd Kane, Tony Romano, Pete Harris, into helping him in an armored car robbery. Everyone wears masks so no one knows the other's identity. After the robbery the gang makes their escape in a florist van. The real driver of the van, Joe Rolfe an ex-con, is arrested and questioned. Rolfe is released for lack of evidence and enraged sets out to find the real crooks and clear his name. He kills one of the gang members trying to obtain information and assumes his identity. Rolfe meets Foster's daughter, Helen, and finds out Foster is going to turn the trio into the cops for the insurance company reward and to embarass the police. A gun battle and all the crooks are killed including Foster. When the cops arrive to protect Helen he credits Foster with helping him find the robbers and clears his name.


Also Known as:

Il quatro uomo - Italian title
Le quatrieme homme - French title
El cuatro hombre - Spanish title
The Secret Four - UK title