Jack Slade

1953 - 89 minutes

Jack Slade - Mark Stevens (Richard Stevens)
Virginia Dale - Dorothy Malone (Dorothy Eloise Maloney)
Jules Reni - Barton MacLane
Judge Davidson - John Litel
Dan Traver - Paul Langton
Tom Carter - Harry Shannon
Hollis - John Harmon
Farnsworth - Jim Bannon
Joey Slade - Sammy Ogg
Alf Slade - Nelson Leigh
Ned Prentice - Ron Hargrave
Mrs. Ward - Dorothy Kennedy
Toby Mackay - LEE VAN CLEEF


William A. Sickner


12 year-old Joey Slade (Sam Ogg) sees his father gunned down. He becomes Jack Slade (Mark Stevens) a gunfighter who helps the law track down stagecoach robbers. Trouble develops when the killing becomes addictive and he becomes a threat to the community. He falls in love with a woman, Virginia Dale (Dorothy Malone) but when the relationship sours he turns to drink and a killer. He is eventually gunned down by an ex-friend.


Also Known as:

Jack Slade l'indomabile - Italian title
Slade - UK title
Jack Slade Desperado - English title