The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

1953 - 80 minutes

Tom Nesbitt - Paul Christian (Paul Hubschmid)
Lee Hunter - Paula Raymond (Paula Wright)
Professor Thurgood Elson - Cecil Kellaway
Colonel Jack Evans - Kenneth Tobey
Captain Phil Jackson - Donald Woods (Ralph Zink)
Corporal Stone - LEE VAN CLEEF
Sergeant Loomis - Steve Brodie (John Stevens)
George Ritchie - Ross Elliott
Jacob Bowman - Jack Pennick (Robert Pennick)
Sergeant Willistead - Ray Hyke
Miss Nelson - Mary Hill
ER Doctor - Michael Fox
1st Radar Man - Alvin Greenman
Dr. Morton - Frank Ferguson
Dr. Ingersoll - King Donovan
Radar Man - James Best (Jules Guy)
Major Evans - Roy Engel


Eugene Lourie


A nuclear device is tested inside the Arctic Circle freeing a prehistoric "Rhedosaurus", a large four legged carnivorous dinosaur. Tom Nesbitt (Paul Christian) is the only one who sees the monster and lives to tell the story. The beast then sinks a small ship and makes its way to New York City, its ancestoral breeding grounds.

Thurgood Elson (Cecil Kellaway) the worlds greatest paleontologist and his assistant Lee Hunter (Paula Raymond) are called in to help deal with the monster. Elson is lowered in a diving bell to see the beast but is swallowed in the attempt.
The beast comes ashore in Manhattan near the Fulton Fish Market and stomps around killing a policeman smashing cars and making trouble. It eventually goes back to the sea licking its wounds. The blood proves to be infested with a highly virulent disease and it must be destroyed.
It comes ashore again at Coney Island and takes refuge in the roller coaster. Corporal Stone (Lee Van Cleef) a military sharpshooter is called in and kills the monster with a radioactive isotope. The coaster catches on fire and the monster is killed.


Also Known as:

Il risveglio del dinosauro - Italian title
Paniker in New York - German title
Le montre des temps perdus - French title
Monster from Beneath the Sea - USA working title