The Bandits of Corsica

1953 - 81 minutes

Mario/Carlos - Richard Greene
Christina - Paula Raymond (Paula Raymond Wright)
Jonatto - Raymond Burr
Ricardo - Clayton Moore (Jack Carlton Moore)
blacksmith - Michael Ansara
Maria - Virginia Brissac
Dianza - Paul Cavanaugh
Angelo - Peter Brocco


Ray Nazarro


Siamese twins, Mario and Carlos (Richard Greene), are separated at birth. One becomes a nobleman and the other a gypsy. Being twins they feel each other's emotions and sensations. They come together to overthrow an evil tyrant Jonatto (Raymond Burr) who rules their homeland of Corsica. During this time a love triangle develops between Mario, his fiancee Christina (Paula Rayond) and Carlos. When Carlos attempts to kill Mario for the love of Christian he is killed by his twin.

Also Known as:

Il ritorno dei vendicatore - Italian title
Die Banditen von Korsika - German title
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika - Dutch title
El retorno de los hermanos corsos - Spanish title
The Return of the Corsican Brothers - UK


Of course Richard Greene is know to most of us as Robin Hood in the 1955 TV series "The Adventures of Robin Hood". This series rivaled "Davy Crockett" as far as kids were concerned. Raymond Burr during this time was still playing villains, and quite convincingly. LVC was credited 4th in only his second year of screen acting, quite an accomplishment. I samw this film many, many years ago and Lee was limited to a secondary role in the tail but I remember immediately recognizing him in his military uniform even with the long sideburns - Tom Betts