1968 - 89 minutes - Action

Lee Van Cleef................................Chris Gretchko
Edward Albert.....................................Jeff Olafsen

Armando Crispino

1942, the Italians and Germans hold control of the African coast.  This is the situation when a commando of a Mediterranean base is being trained for a somewhat unusual operation: Thy must reach an oasis controlled by the Italians and replace them, keeping hold of the base until the Allied landing.

The initial moment of action hinges on surprise.  The Americans, headed by a non-commissioned officer and a Captain, have prepared all details and are ready to face any possible situation.  Their behavior is dictated by the ruthless determination to reach the target and complete their mission successfully.  Having replace the small Italian detachment while the German party is going to reach them, the men of the "commando" are getting ready to face all contingencies without any help to rely upon. 

The possession of the small water well, the only one all through an extensive desert land, is the only thing that matters.  It must be held by hook or by crook until the bulk of the Allied Forces arrive.

Their disguise might be discovered at any moment, and there would be no hope for escape.  This happens just before the Allied invasion begins and the commandos fight until there is only one commando and one German still alive.  They spare each others lives as they sit amongst the absurdity of war.

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